U2 Ranch
Welcome to U2 Ranch

U2 Ranch wishes to sincerely thank all in attendance, our loyal customers and sale staff for making our 17th Annual Red & Black Angus Bull Sale such a success.

Watch for Sons out of these Breed Leading Mama Cows in our
18th ANNUAL March 25, 2014 BULL SALE!
Highwood Auction Market, High River, AB

  • Red U2 Flying K Lakota 14N
  • Red U2 Anexa 351N
  • Red U2 Feature 517R
  • Red U2 Anexa 333N
  • U2 Annie 407P
  • Red U2 Moonbeam 194W - watch for her in Denver 2014!

About Us
U2 Ranch Ltd. is a family run operation consisting of Darren & Joanne Unger and our two kids Cole & Jordyn. We are all born and raised in Southern Alberta and have been involved in the cattle business and farming all our lives....read more