Welcome to U2 Ranch

U2 Ranch Ltd. is a family run Red and Black Angus cattle breeding operation consisting of Darren and Joanne Unger and our two children, Cole and Jordyn. We are all born and raised in Southern Alberta and have been involved in the cattle business and farming all our lives.

Our ranch lifestyle revolves around our cows and much of the time our entire family gets involved on a day to day basis. Our focus starts with our cowherd and the strong maternal traits that are vital for success. Our loyal customers have come to expect the very best from us, and we recognize this responsibility and thrive on the continual challenge.

If you are ever in the area please give us a call and stop by. We would welcome your visit and be happy to show you around anytime.

Darren and Joanne, Cole and Jordyn

19th Annual Bull Sale

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19th Annual U2 Ranch
Bull Sale 2015
Sale Results

We would like to sincerely thank EVERYONE in  attendance who helped make our sale such a success. We are humbled with your ongoing support and it is deeply appreciated. THANK YOU!

160 Yearling Bulls Grossed  $ 1,444,000   Averaging  $9025

High Selling Bulls:

Lot 1:   Red U2 Foreigner 413B  Sold for $73,000 to Ole Farms  Alberta, Westphal Red Angus  Montana, 5L Cattle Holdings  Montana, Sandbur Ridge Red Angus  Nebraska

Lot 9:   Red U2 Entourage 282B Sold for $58,000 to Weber Red Angus  South Dakota

Lot 8:   Red U2 Unanimous 113B Sold for $51,000 to Wheeler Stock Farm  and Y-Coulee Land & Cattle  Saskatchewan

Lot 88:  Red U2 Magnum 108B Sold for $47,500 to Smith Farms Angus Nebraska

Lot 42:  Red U2 Sniper 23B Sold for $20,000 to Golden Sunset Red Angus  Alberta

U2 Ranch News

Huge Thank You to all of our bidders and buyers at "The Las Rojas Foundation Sale " this past week.

22 Heifer Calves- $12,945
18 Bred Cows - $8,682
9 Embryos- package of 3 ($1133/embryo)