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  • We were recently featured in the July 2013 issue of Alberta Beef Magazine:
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Impressed by the low maintenance and maternal qualities of Angus cattle, we decided in 1992 to purchase our first Purebred Red Angus Females. We toured many purebred herds and carefully acquired the best maternal genetics possible focusing on functional cattle with an emphasis on feet and especially udders.

Although we purchase a few select females every year, we have built up our cow herd from within by keeping our top replacement females every year in order to develop strong, consistent cow families. Our cowherd is 600 strong and constantly improving. We realize that building a purebred cowherd is a never ending journey and there are definite advantages to having quality uniform cows in large numbers. This leads us to our goal: to provide our customers with high end, consistent bulls in volume every year at an affordable price.

Thank You

Thank you Canadian Red Angus Promotional Society For naming us Purebred Breeder for 2013.

We are very honored to have received this prestigious award at Red Round Up in October.

It is gratifying to hear visitors comment on how many truly top end bulls there are to chose from in our bull pen.

Selective planned matings are achieved through extensive AI and an aggressive herd bull battery. Our embryo transplant program is used each year on some of our elite donor cows.

We use whatever means necessary to produce balanced cattle that will make us and our customers proud to own.

U2 Ranch is located in the Old Man River valley, North and East of Coaldale, Alberta. Along with the purebred operation, we also run a custom feedlot and run a custom silaging outfit. Times are often busy but at the same time rewarding when the whole family gets involved.